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As many of you may know, getting infected with this virus is no joke! It infects just about everything on your PC and if you don't have any protection when it attacks it becomes an extreme problem to remove. If you do have protection, almost all antivirus programs fail to remove it and even when the virus is removed, 99% of the time it somehow returns!

So what can you do to completely clean your PC from this virus?

Luckily, there is a tool to help remove the Win32/Virut.NBP Virus and it does so very well. Although it does take a while to complete the scan, it removes the virus with little to no traces of it ever being present in the first place.

Once the tool has completed the removal of the Win32/Virut.NBP Virus, your files will still need to be scanned using either a free or commercial antivirus program to remove what the virus leaves behind in order to re-infect you (it's pretty clever actually). The worm (aka Trojan) that the NBP virus leaves is called the Win32.worm.Autoit Trojan and it places this Trojan embedded in all files that originally became infected with the Win32/Virut.NBP Virus.

It's for this very reason that even though it may appear that the virus is completely gone, it often comes back. Removing both of these threats together however does seem to rid one of this nasty pest.

Information and removal tool for Win32.worm.Autoit:

Information and removal tool for Win32/Virut.NBP Virus:


I hope you found this short article helpful, I know I could have used this when I dealt with many clients requesting help after being infected. If you need help removing the virus, feel free to contact us.


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